The JEAN & FRASCA design Banner was created in 2000. The PROFILS naval architecture agency, managed by Eric JEAN since 1984, opened the door to industrial design, with Philippe FRASCA arrival.
The transportation sector expanded rapidly from boat design towards vehicles and aircrafts design, while the product design sector was opening.

This skills merging was addressing the growing need for boat owners to differentiate themselves from other market players, and the need for industries to improve their competitiveness through both technical and aesthetic expertise.
This complementary team quickly improved the perceived quality of each project.

Collaborating with several engineering partners, the JEAN & FRASCA design agency combines rigor, reason, freedom of expression and imagination.
Necessary qualities to open the field of innovation, and ensure the consistency chain required between business strategy and brand communication.

This international experience in various sectors allows JEAN & FRASCA design to offer its customers services always adapted to the markets targetted, while cultivating a Mediterranean spirit and a signature.

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