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A passion of the first moments
Eric JEAN was immersed in the marine environment from an early age by his parents, ferrus navigation as cruise that regatta.

This experience continues with an intensive and passionate practice of competition dinghy and quillars whatsoever in international competitions (Champion Europ First Class 8 and Surprise, Match Racing) or navigation off (crossing the Atlantic on the maxi La Poste).
The creation of the company.

After studying engineering, Eric JEAN designed and built a MiniTonner the LOR gauge composites.
Drunk for this passion professionally, he created the “Profiles” naval architecture firm in 1984.
The beginnings of cruising multihull in France used to start the activity of the agency with several orders of composite catamaran still sail.

Constant evolution
The first boat was drawn on the drawing board. With a demand curve and a strong knowledge of all aspects of the design: hydrostatic calculations, structural calculations, ergonomics etc..
The evolution of software has undeniable progress and our office is equipped to provide calculations and essential to any modern building digital files.

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Phillipe FRASCA discusses industrial design after long honed his skill as a draftsman: The French comics, Belgian and American used her playground to practice various styles and proportions, skills essential to manage the form.

After passing through the ESTIENNE school and Olivier de Serres (ENSAAMA) in Paris, Philippe Frasca began his career as a designer at Renault, participating in the definition of the design of a range of trucks.
It will continue to explore the design of transport equipment in MBD design on major rail and industrial projects (TER, Eole, MBB, TGV Korea, Wagons-Lits ..).

He then embarked in international Beuchat in Marseille a journey into the world of design submarines products. It is finally within society JEAN FRASCA design and he develops this activity with other French brands (AQUA LUNG), Italian (TIGULLIO, FRANCIS, TECNO RUBBER), Finnish (SUUNTO), U.S. (OCEANIC, AERIS , HOLLIS, SHERWOOD, GENESIS, etc …), or Japanese (TABATA).

In association with naval architect, Eric JEAN, it also works to introduce the design in the shipbuilding industry, and continues its transport activities in aeronautics with GUIMBAL or helicopter EUROCOPTER, or urban with XO2 electric scooter XOR MOTORS.